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Ramakrishna Mission Sarada Mandir Govt. Sponsored PTTI, Unit - I

----- SINCE 1950-----

About Us

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This Institution established at 1949 according to  govt. order. It is the oldest Primary Teachers’ Training Institute for women in this district. The students qualification for admission in this course was madhyamic passed and the course duration was only for 1 year upto 2006.

Our mission

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We provide inclusive an equitable learning experiences. The students may established their life as a good primary teacher and as well as good human being also. They can apply their best knowledge in the teaching of their new-age primary students. They can able to use  the modern educational technology like smart class ,ICT etc.

Our Vision

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We could provide collaborating learning environment to our trainees and enable them to become responsible global citizen who will be the teacher of primary school in the 21st century.

Various Programs of PTTI

Saraswati Puja

Republic Day

Celebrating Netaji’s Birthday

Annual Sports(2024)

Educational Excursion

Saraswati Pujo

Teachers’ Day


Independence Day

Mousumi Deb (Ghosh), Principal

Empowerment of students for their all-round development through education is our cherished motto

Mousumi Deb(Ghosh)

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